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Let our Cranberry, Orange & Cinnamon Fragrance Candle brighten your evenings! This festive fragrance offers the best of Christmas scents, from tangy cranberries and sweet oranges to warm spices and earthy woods, all rolled into one.


The fragrance is initially characterised by fruity notes of tart cranberry and sweet orange, reminiscent of the simple joy of evenings leading up to Christmas. A floral and spicy heart follows, warming the fragrance with comforting cinnamon, rich jasmine and elegant lily. The fragrance is enriched by a woody base of smoky sandalwood and warm cedarwood with a hint of musk, evoking images of joyful gatherings around a crackling fire. Vanilla and sugar then emerge, adding sweetness and cosy comfort to the base, like being wrapped up in a soft blanket. A cheerful festive favourite.


Miss Puffins XL 400g three wick candle with a burn time of 60 hours. Made from a blend of soy and parrafin wax, hand poured in small batches.


Part of a mix and match collection with 2 other sizes of candle and a matching hand wash and hand & body lotion.

XL Three wick candle: cranberry, orange & cinnamon

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